Frequently Asked Question

Do you provide the study material?

Yes, Rajeev Classes provide very systematic study material totally based on Kota, Rajasthan with the combination of so many materials like DPP, Sheets, Question Bank, FRM, Regular Test, Important Notes, Mind Map and also for Board Study Materials.

What is the Procedure to join RC Programs ?

Students who are willing to join have to appear for an admission test conducted by RC. Based on the performance in the admission test various programs will be offered according to his / her class.

can we get direct Admission for RC Programs ?

Yes, sometime you may get direct admission for RC Program but that depends on the type of courses you are applying for.

Do RC conduct online test ?

Yes, Rajeev Classes conduct online test series regularly for JEE Advanced & AIIMS.

Can I appear in Rc Test for the second time ?

Yes. If a Student appears in RC test for the second time, Scholarship if awarded, in the latter test will be scaled down by one slab so that he / she does not have any undue advantage over a fresh Student appearing for the first time.

How frequently Rc conducts Tests ?

Normally RC conducts tests twice every month on Sundays. Every 15 days alternative RC conducts test for JEE Mains, Boards, Jee Advanced, NEET & so on.

What are the languages used in Rajeev Classes?

The language spoken here to teach and communicate is English and Hindi , if needed we also do use bengali.

Do you have good faculty?

Rajeev Classes have very good faculty pool effectively trained on Kota, Rajasthan with very unique teaching methodology. Faculties extremely focus on individual care and proper interaction so as to provide proper doubt classes and make their prepration academically and mentally strong.

How do the parents know about their child growth?

We arrange regular parent-teacher meeting. We provide application of Rajeev Classes where guardian can check their wards regular result and they can interact with their mentor.

What about attendance in everyday class?

A proper biometric attendance system is securely maintained in our centre. If a student misses out on too many classes without informing us, we notify them as warning and if further irregularities are seen, severe actions are taken. Students missing out on tests have to appear for re-tests. Indifferent and irresponsible attitude will not be entertained. This will lead to termination or cancellation of admission of the student by the authorities.

Are you preparing the students separately for CBSE or State Board studies?

Rajeev Classes firmly believe that perparation for boards is very important for making the student mentally and academically strong. So we do arrange special board classes every week completely on the basis of their NCERT and School TextBooks.

How should I manage my school as well as Rajeev Classes?

Yes, you can easily manage your school as well as Rajeev Classes. As, we do follow the NCERT Syllabus for their preparation which is also followed in their schools. So preparing with us will always help them in preparing for their schools too.

What is the holiday schedule of your coaching class?

We provide holidays on national festivals, Durga Puja and others.