A Meticulous Educationist Who Aids Economically Weaker Students Build Their Careers

Dear Students,
Pursuing Engineering and Medical is not a big thing, doing it with passion is most important. There will be a time when no one will support you, except your inner voice and that will come if you are passionate enough. After class 9 your true journey starts. During the preparation of JEE and medical entrance, you will face many difficult circumstances. If you know how to dream, no one can stop you from achieving it. Always remember one thing your education is your best investment for the future.

Dear Guardians,
We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide energy for the mind, just as a meal does for the body. Dear guardians, I know you are worried about your child’s future but you should not force your child to pursue any particular carrer. Parents are the most important player in a student life. Exams are tough on students – many of whom don’t take care of themselves and not to mention they experience extremely high levels of anxiety and stress. As parents, we should guide them in those tough times. Your support will likely go further than you think in reducing their stresses, as students tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to please their parents, whether the parents know it or not

About Director

Rajeev Kumar Singh —Founder, Rajeev Classes, Kolkata "An inspiring story of an incredible educationist who thought of those students who usually remain refrained from the basic amenities in life." Rajeev Kumar Singh, CMD, and Faculty at 'Rajeev Classes founded the institute in 2013 after accomplishing the degree of B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation Program from Jadavpur University. Following which he has been ardently teaching for the last seven years for IIT-JEE and Medical-NEET with subject combination of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Observing from childhood that deserving students lag in the field of education due to financial crisis made him worded and consequently forced him to work on this issue. And eventually, he involved in the teaching profession to promote and bestow education to economically weaker students. "Backing the financially weaker students being the sole purpose of incepting his coaching classes for this admirable professional, makes him an inspiration for many. Reflecting the reason why he decided to start-up the Institution — 'Rajeev Classes' in 2013 with his team, he says, I envision helping students in fulfilling their dreams and goals with the amount they can afford and Rajeev Classes have provided help to the needy student and successfully produced many IlTians and Doctors since 2013. In lots of competition and many other successfully running institutes, Rajeev faced a lack of financial support and carried limited expenditure at the initial stage and Belonging to a different state and race & culture with a different language. It added many hurdles and, he had to face it. His 'never give up' philosophy made him commence his teaching profession, through which he successfully incepted a well-recognized institution at Kolkata, really far from his hometown. 'The exceptional education imparted by the institute makes students build their incredible career and their parents proud.- The novel 'Rajeev Classes' came up with all new techniques and methods of teaching that imparted students' better ways of preparing for the examination compared to other famous institutions. But due to lack of best faculty, he had to face lots of barriers at the teething stage, yet he kept on.